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by Regina Wu
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The best fan for sleeping - ipanergy

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re hot and sweaty, so it’s helpful to have a good fan by your bedside. However, the best fans for sleeping are different from your everyday fan — they need to be able to keep you cool while operating at noise levels that match your sleep preferences.

Some people like fans that are nearly silent, while others prefer a soft hum to give them some white noise. And then there are those who like loud industrial fans that will drown out any disruptive background noise; these are especially helpful for people who live in noisy neighborhoods or with folks who stay up later than they do. Before you start your shopping journey, think about how loud you’d like your ideal sleep fan to be.

Another great feature to look for in sleep fans is an adjustable knob or dial that lets you control the speed. In addition to helping you get just the right amount of airflow, this lets you to control the sound level more precisely and choose how much white noise, if any, you want. The clearest way to determine sound level is via decibel (for example, 30 decibels is considered whisper-quiet). Unfortunately, many brands don’t list this information, so for this roundup I’ve mostly relied on the reviews and other specs to determine the noise level of each fan.

Other bonus features to consider include a timer or auto shutoff, oscillating functions, and a remote control. Some fans even have special “sleep” or “nighttime” settings, which put them on programs that dim the control panels or slowly bring down the speed over time to help you fall asleep.

Lastly, think about the fan’s footprint in relation to the space you have. Pedestal fans and industrial floor fans usually work better in larger spaces. Tower fans can be especially convenient because they cool bigger areas but don’t take up as much space. Smaller bedrooms often call for more modest personal fans or tabletop designs.

Highlights: quiet operation, three speed settings, tilting head, oscillating feature

What’s great about it: This quiet contraption is one of the best table fans for the bedroom, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t want a lot of noise. It has a convenient tabletop design that makes it easy to rest on a dresser or nightstand — and the oscillating feature provides offers excellent airflow. The medium-sized fan offers three speed settings, along with a 90-degree tilting head. Plus, with more than 16,000 positive reviews, it comes well-recommended by shoppers. The only drawback is that it lacks a timer and remote control.

One reviewer wrote: “I LOVE these fans! Already had one, but decided i needed 2 more for other rooms in the house. They're quiet, adjustable and move more air than my A.C. unit! A great value!”

Fan type: tabletop | Dimensions: 10.31 x 9.92 x 14.57 inches | Noise level: quiet | Available colors: 1

by Regina Wu


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