Things to Consider When Buying an Air Cooler---ipanergy

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Things to Consider When Buying an Air Cooler---ipanergy
One of the best ways to cool down a place that experiences dry summers is to use the right air cooler. The appearance of the air cooler is more or less similar to the air conditioner, but it is a completely special product. Instead of using coolant, air coolers use cold water to achieve the desired cooling. That's how to bring down the room temperature with the help of an air cooler.

In fact, these cooling units use hot air and water to accomplish their cooling capacity, all the way down to the normal evaporation process. When cooling the air, the air cooler also provides moisture deposits to the air exhausted from the equipment. In this way, the cooler provides better air quality in your room when it is running, so you can always get fresh air. In this case, the air emitted by the air cooler is suitable for people with asthma or dust allergies. Because air coolers are environmentally friendly and economical to use, they are the first choice of almost all ordinary people. So, considering the value for money, an air cooler certainly scores points over an air conditioner.

However, choosing the right air cooler can be a little confusing. Since there are so many options on the market and so many important features to consider, it's best to ask for help with a buying guide. Here we give some important aspects that will help you a lot in buying the right air cooler.
air cooler work
The air cooler uses a slightly developed water evaporation technology for comfortable cooling. They employ a simple form of air cooling that is almost identical to the technology behind modern refrigeration and air conditioning. Air coolers utilize a simple air movement system to draw in fresh air from the outside and all the way through the wet cooling pads. The water evaporation that occurs in these cooling pads lowers the temperature of the air, which is then expelled by fans built into the air cooler.

Types of Air Coolers
Desert air coolers and personal air coolers are two widely accepted types of air coolers. They are all used in different climatic conditions.

desert air cooler
Desert air coolers are often used in countries with dry climates. They are usually larger than personal air coolers and are used to cool larger rooms. They make use of huge water tanks and huge fans that can even provide fresh cool air to the extreme corners of the room. You can also consider these desert air coolers for outdoor use.

personal air cooler
Personal air coolers are used where wet weather conditions prevail. They are especially suitable for small or specific areas of your room. They offer a calmer function than desert air coolers and consume less energy. Even though they are constructed from smaller tanks, they have the ability to generate cool air for hours.
Key Features of Air Coolers
Once you've decided to buy a cooler, the next task is to find a model that's perfect for your home's needs. Here are some of the notable features.

water tank capacity
Air coolers have the advantages of an evaporative cooling system. During this cooling process, the water turns into water vapor, which lowers the temperature of the air blown by the blower or fan. It is important to consider an air cooler with a larger tank. The larger the water tank of the air cooler, the longer the air cooling capacity of the device. You can choose an air cooler that has a water tank that fits your daily use. For a larger room, an air cooler with a larger tank is required. Both personal and desert-type air coolers feature large water tanks. Personal air coolers are equipped with water tanks with a capacity of 20 to 30 liters, while desert air coolers consist of water tanks with a capacity range of 31 to 50 liters.


Similar to air conditioners, it's important to buy an air cooler that fits the size of your room. Air cooler airflow is also calculated in cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM indicates the amount of air being blown into your room every minute. You can determine the exact air cooler size you need in your room by knowing the CFM. This can be calculated by dividing the cubic feet of the room by two. For example, if your room size is 300 square feet and the ceiling height is 10 feet, the required CFM will be 1,500. In other words, the CFM is half the room volume (300 square feet x 10 feet/2).

The airflow allowed by an air cooler also depends on whether it is supported by a fan or blower. Fans can provide a lot of low-pressure airflow, so they are often used in large air coolers. Blowers, on the other hand, are capable of producing high-pressure airflow, therefore, they are used in smaller variants. When shopping for an air cooler, you can also search for models with multiple speed settings. This arrangement allows you to control the airflow and therefore the heat in the room. Most air coolers come with a three-speed regulator. There is also an air cooler with an automatic airflow arrangement that guarantees a comfortable flow of cool air in all directions.

cooling pad
The cooling pad has a direct effect on the cooling effect of the air cooler. They absorb water and allow air to flow through them to cool them. If the cooling pads are thick enough, they can provide better cooling efficiency. Typically, these cooling pads are made of cellulose or poplar material. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Poplar mats are made of synthetic fibers and wood chips. Although they are cheaper and have a shorter lifespan, they require a high level of maintenance. Because cellulose cooling pads look like a honeycomb, they are also called honeycomb pads. Compared to aspen pads, they are thicker, last longer, and cost less to maintain. Although they cost a little more than aspen pads, they are known for their efficiency.

some funky features

Because air coolers take up space and don't detract from the aesthetics of the room, people don't make buying an air cooler in the first place. Today, manufacturers offer models with sleek, sleek designs. Currently, tower air coolers are one of the most stylish variants on the market. They're still good enough for large rooms and require very little floor space to fit. If you plan to use the cooler in different rooms, your best bet is to buy one with casters. This arrangement allows the air cooler to be easily moved around the house. There are also air cooler models that offer the option of removable wheels.

working on inverters
As far as air coolers are concerned, the most attractive factor is their low energy consumption. Currently, some manufacturers enhance this quality feature by introducing air coolers that can work on inverters. These models of air coolers use up to 50% less power than regular air coolers. They are the best option for your home if your location faces regular power outages.

remote control
For quick access to settings, look for an air cooler with a remote control facility. An air cooler with a remote will help you manage the speed of the fans so you don't have to get up as often to adjust the cooling level settings.
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