Tips for Car Camping in the Summer - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Tips for Car Camping in the Summer - Panergy

To save on room, fees, and to make your vacation easier, many chose car camping for their Summer fun. Car Camping offers a lot of interesting complexities and fun with Summer Camping. It can really take some of the burden out of the vacation process. Read on to see how you can become a Car Camper this Summer.
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There are a few different types of Car Camping people do. Some consider it Car Camping only when you are using your Car for a dwelling, meaning no tent. You sleep in the car, you eat out of it, and things like that. That's not really enjoyable, for most, so others tend to consider it Car Camping when you have your car with you, right next to your campsite. You set up a tent and a grill, and your car is right there. Because of this, you can use your car to hold a few extra things than normal. But with that, you don't want to over pack, we still want to enjoy the outdoors, we just have our car with us to help us out.

One of the best ways to pack and consider items for your Car Camping trip is that you can allow yourself better versions of things than normal. Because you can use your car as space and storage, you don't have to hike and hike to find a campsite, you can bring bigger and better Chairs, Tents, Grills, Sleeping Bags, and Coolers.

You will also need some other gear that you wouldn't usually have to bring if you were going to a traditional campsite. Tables will usually not be available, unless somehow you manage to bring one, which I don't recommend. Instead, you will need Organizers to put up around your campsite. These lengthy Organizers come with all kinds of different pockets and uses, for the grills, for gear, and for miscellaneous stuff. They are light, easy to pack and bring, and easy to use, they really make Car Camping easier.

Water is going to be an issue for most Car Camping destinations, most places will not have a reliable source of water, so it falls to you. And, because it's the Summer, you're going to a lot of it. If you're bringing coolers, use some Frozen Gallons of Water as the cooling component to some of the food. As your days go by, you will use the food, and the water will melt, leaving you with cool, drinkable water.

When it comes to food, you may have a lot of space to do what you want. But be weary of that. You don't want to over pack food, causing you to waste it. You do need to bring enough, of course, especially in the Summer you will burn more calories and need to eat more than usual. But there is a balance you must achieve. During the night, you have to be very careful what you do with your food. If you are in the Bear country, you're probably going to want to get hang your food up in a Bear Bag to keep it, and you, safe.

Car Camping comes with a lot of flexibility. With Summer upon us, it can be easy for us to want to do normal Camping routines, but they can get tiresome or boring. With Car Camping, it is the perfect balance of home and the outdoors, of luxury and basics.

by Regina Wu


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