Tips for Solo Camping Safely - Panergy

by Regina Wu
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Tips for Solo Camping Safely - Panergy

There is something special about camping alone. It's just you and the outdoors. The sun, the ground, the wind, and you. If you enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the peace and timeless it offers, then you will probably enjoy Solo Camping.

Solo Camping has a lot of similar aspects to regular camping. You use the same gear, go to the same places, and can rely on the same skills to get your through it. The biggest difference, the one that matters the most, is protecting yourself from isolation. The best way to do this is to prepare.

When you are preparing for a Solo Camping trip you must be very critical of the choices you make. Each thing is magnified when you are alone. A sprained ankle, while painful, is not that big of deal amongst friends. But camping alone a sprained ankle can spell ruin. This is why preparation is so important.

The first thing you have to do is to plan your route. Where are you going, where are you staying, and how do you get in there and out of there. Take out your map, read about other people's experience in these spots, and figure out your itinerary. You want to be reasonable as you plan this. Don't assume that you are going to be as quick and nimble on day 15 than you are on day 1. Give yourself enough time to reach each location without having to hustle for it, take time and enjoy your trip.

Now that you have your plan, how long your trip will take and so forth, you want to write up a list for each day. How long it will take you to get to each location, what you will need to get there, and so forth. This gives you an idea of what you need to bring. Trips across flat campgrounds, or even just staying in one campsite for a week is much different than traversing a mountain range by yourself.

When it comes to packing you have to be very careful. For each thing you bring you will be slower and it will be harder to bring too much stuff. But for each needed thing you leave behind you can put yourself in danger. You want to make sure you have everything you need, everything that will keep you safe, but without over doing. Over packing can be as dangerous as under packing. With your list you should be able to get a very good idea of how long you will be out and what you will need.

Even if you are going to be driving to and from your location, you want to give someone your detailed itinerary for your trip. Obviously if you rely on someone else dropping you off or picking you up that's even more important, but no matter what someone else should have an exact idea of your trip. If you fail to show up, if you don't come home, they will have an exact idea of where you wanted to go. They can follow your trail based on your itinerary, this can save your life.

Another good idea is to leave another copy of your itinerary inside your locked car, if you are driving yourself. This means that someone can find you if, say, the forest catches fire. Rescue teams can find that itinerary and then know where to look for you. Again, it can save your life.

Planning is an important point for all campers and hikers. But, for the Solo Camper, it is their path to success. Planning, and planning correctly, means you will be safe, means you will have packed right, and means you have a safety net should something go wrong. With this level of safety you don't have to worry while camping, just enjoy the connection between yourself and nature.

by Regina Wu


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