by Regina Wu
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Camping as a vegetarian can be a difficult and annoying prospect. In general, you have less foods to choose from, making selections harder. And the food that is normally focused on by others, which is delicious, is usually succulent meats, chickens, and fish which we cannot partake in. But, there are a few All-Star foods for the vegetarian camper that make your time camping much easier by being delicious, filling, and portable.

Vegetarian Camping


The potato is going to be the backbone of your vegetarian camping diet. It's filling, packed full of almost every thing your body needs (except for vitamins A and D), and is super easy to cook while camping. For breakfast, you can chop or shred a potato and fry it up in a skillet. Add some scrambled eggs and cheese, and you have a filling breakfast that will give you the energy you need for exploring or activities. For lunch, wrap a potato in foil and stick it above the fire. A baked potato with sour cream is the perfect side to any lunch, like a salad or a veggie sandwich. And for dinner, potatoes are a great base for stews or soups. Potato doesn't even limit you in your choice of soup, potatoes work great with red hearty soups and white creamy ones.


Beans are another versatile and needed food for the vegetarian camper out there. They have all the things that we need. They make us full, they give us energy, and they can be used for any meal we want to make out there. Also, they come in cans, so they're easy to pack and there's a plethora of different canned beans out there. For breakfast, you can make an omelet a filling and energy packed meal by adding red kidney beans with some onion and cheese. Black beans with some collard greens and white rice make for a great burrito or nachos for lunch. For dinner, garbanzo beans can be toasted over a fire and then added to a salad, or just eaten as a snack. Beans, any kind, can be a great way to fill up while not skimping on nutrients, protein, or vitamins.


Salsa is not a meal staple like potatoes and beans, but salsa is invaluable nonetheless. Salsa has the ability to take your average meal to a delicious meal. Salsa has numerous advantages. It adds vitamins and nutrients with all the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and sometimes even fruits like mango. It adds flavor to your meals, leaving you more satisfied after eating. And finally it makes you fill up faster. If you don't like most store bought salsas, it's pretty easy to make your own and bring it along with you.


Bananas are fantastic. Most simply, you can just eat a banana anytime and get filled up, while still feeling guilt free (unless you stole it from someone else). My favorite thing to make with bananas while camping, is marshmallow free Smores. Marshmallows have gelatin in them, and for some vegetarians that isn't something you're willing to eat (as gelatin comes from the by-products of animals). Make a smore like usual (chocolate and graham crackers) but instead of roasting marshmallows, grill up a banana. It's delicious, less sticky, and makes it a little healthier.
As you can see, having a good plan for your meals, and having the right foods available, being a vegetarian while camping isn't too hard of a feat to accomplish. The important thing is to have these versatile foods available and you'll be able to make any meal you really want with little extra effort.

by Regina Wu


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