Well-equipped camps for novices-Panergy

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Well-equipped camps for novices-Panergy

It's June in 2022 and we are late to start our first camping trip in 2022.
The camping trip was cancelled a week earlier due to a temporary decision to go back to my mother's family, and the camping trip was also cancelled on Monday due to the diagnosis of the child of an old colleague of Huan's father.

Finally, at the encouragement of my camping friends, I took Huan to welcome us to our favorite campsite 24.

In fact, I had already contacted the owner of this campground as early as last year, but because it was near my workplace, it didn't inspire me to go camping at all. Don't people like to venture into places they are not familiar with? Travel is like that, camping is almost the same.

As for why we ended up at Camp Like 24, I have to give credit to the campers who have been putting out drugs and the friends who said they would go.

Since everyone recommended Camp Like 24, I should give it a chance. Unfortunately, my dad was not interested in a campground without water.

We Like 24 campground is the closest campground I've ever been to my house, and it's a well-equipped campground for newbies, so it's no problem to tow two.

The campsite here can be driven directly to the campsite, and this time I brought an automatic tent, so I was able to set up the tent in a couple of minutes.

This time, I brought my automatic tent and got the tent ready in a couple of minutes. The campers had the whole campground to themselves, and several of the tents were for parents who were new to camping with their little ones. Tent rentals were available at the campground. I was a bit worried about the large number of campers, as we had just recovered from our diagnosis last month and didn't want to come back for a second time.

My friend said I could camp at the more secluded Zone C, which already had a canopy, perfect for a simple camper like me who likes camping but doesn't love canopies.

It was hot in the afternoon and suddenly it rained heavily to wash away the heat for a while.

The kids took advantage of the clear sky to change their clothes and jump into the inflatable pool that was already prepared. Although we like 24 campsite does not have a mountain stream, the camp owner has prepared an inflatable pool for the kids. It was great for the kids to enjoy the water and the adults to relax and rest.

Summer essential equipment:

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