What battery technologies do portable fans use?--ipanergy

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What battery technologies do portable fans use?--ipanergy

Portable small fan, small size and light weight, meet the needs of portability to a certain extent. With the summer heat upon us, a dizzying array of portable fans has been released on the market.

Portable fans in different shapes
Portable fans in different shapes
Portable fans are small household appliances that are used from time to time in our daily lives. Especially during the hot months, keep a handy electric fan with you when commuting, outdoors, or even indoors. We all want to be able to charge once, and the fan wind can last long enough to avoid the inconvenience of frequent charging. So what kind of batteries can a portable fan use?

As we all know, portable fans need to meet the needs of long battery life, so they need the support of long battery life and high-quality batteries to ensure continuous, efficient and stable operation of portable fans and meet users' needs for battery life. long time.

What battery powers a portable fan?
Over time, people have encountered several problems in the process of using portable fans:
1. The cost of battery usage is high;
2. The air volume is not large enough;
3. The structure is not strong enough and easily damaged;
4. Although the size has been reduced, the overall appearance is irregular and cannot be easily carried in a pocket.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, electrochemical energy storage (battery) has gradually become the mainstream of the electronic product market. Because polymer lithium-ion batteries (also known as lithium-ion polymer/lithium polymer/fat) can be recycled, have high energy density, light weight, and can even be made into special shapes, completely solving the high cost of portability. The fan is constantly changing batteries and is too heavy; stable current and high rate output can solve the problem of insufficient and unstable wind. Therefore, polymer lithium-ion batteries have become the first choice for excellent and convenient fan power supply.

Different shapes of portable fans require different shapes and sizes of batteries
Different shapes and sizes of batteries are required for portable fans of different shapes
The portable fan manufacturer drives the high-power fan motor by increasing the built-in battery voltage to 12V, thereby significantly increasing the air volume; the appearance is novel and unique, small and light, and can be carried in a pocket or hung around the neck. That said, most of the batteries used in portable fans are lithium-ion polymer batteries.

In this case, is there no portable fan battery manufacturer in China? The answer is yes, let's take a look!

Portable Fan Battery Manufacturer
Portable Fan Battery Manufacturer - ipanergy.com

Founded in 1998, ipanergy is a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries that can stack batteries using soft packs in the early days. Since 2007, ipanergy has established a lithium battery business unit, specializing in the production and development of laminated soft-pack lithium-ion polymer batteries. Since then, it has become a well-known lithium-ion battery manufacturer at home and abroad.

At present, ipanergy mainly produces lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP) batteries, and the products are widely used in the consumer market, portable fans, small household appliances, power tools, communication tools, 3C digital, toys, vacuum cleaners, personal care , emergency lighting, solar energy products, etc.

ipanergy custom rechargeable battery
ipanergy rechargeable battery
The lithium polymer battery for portable fans produced by ipanergy is the first choice because of its long life, light and thin, arbitrary shell assembly, high specification, good safety protection performance, and good charging and discharging performance; ipanergy can also design portable fans according to the specifications of portable fans and customer needs The battery pack matches the main unit.

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