What Is The Best Tent Fan-ipanergy

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What Is The Best Tent Fan-ipanergy

In case you’re running out the door, the best tent fan is ipanergy – Mini Travel Fan.

Hands down, going camping is one of the best ways to relax. I might be biased, but everyone loves pitching a tent and kicking it around the campfire. That being said, it can be hard to enjoy your camping trip when things get too hot.

If you want to maximize your enjoyment during hot trips, get a quality tent fan and take it along with you on every journey.

ipanergy Battery Operated USB Rechargeable Fan

ipanergy are well known for their wide array of laptop fans. After spending years in the fan niche, they’ve extended their reach into the camping industry.

As you can imagine, a company that specializes in laptop fans will be just as good when it comes to producing tent fans.

I was a bit skeptical at first since I generally get my fans from camping companies. But, my doubts were blown away (pun intended) when I first turned this little beast on. It was forceful for its size yet surprisingly quiet, considering the strong airflow.

It comes with three settings so that you can conserve the charge when conditions are colder. Then, you can put it on max when things get too hot for your taste.

Speaking of charge…this fan can operate for up to 36 hours on a full charge, making it ideal for camping.

I like pairing this fan with my solar power bank. That way, I never run out of juice during my camping trips. The OPOLAR has enough charge to last the whole night, and during the day the sun keeps it charged too.


  • Powerful airflow – so you don’t sweat through the night.
  • Three settings allow you to tweak the amount of cool you need.
  • Quiet operation – unlike your restless dog, this fan will not interrupt your sleep.
  • Lasts up to 13 hours on a full charge (extensive for its price).
  • It has an LED light to keep your tent bright at night.


  • Can’t use alkaline batteries and must be charged, which can be annoying.

Best for: those who are going on long camping trips but want airflow and light throughout the night.

 Battery Operated Mini-Fan

I tested it out on a recent camping trip, and it performed pretty well. My favorite thing about this fan is the fact that you can clip it onto anything – and I mean anything.

I attached it to the loft storage on my tent, and it kept away the heat even when the temperature of the campsite started to peak around noon.

It’s also USB-powered meaning that you can charge it with any power bank that you might have brought along with you on your camping trip. That being said, it can’t stay on for longer than nine hours even on a full charge. This could be a problem for longer trips.


  • The clip-on feature is handy and removes any frustration of installing your fan.
  • 360 degrees of rotation allows it to be placed anywhere.
  • Quality airflow for such a small unit.
  • USB-compatible charging, so you can even plug it into your car or laptop.


  • Relatively small charge capacity.

Best for: those who are going on a relatively short trip and don’t mind the low charge capacity.

by L YY


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