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We have been committed to the manufacture and research and development of fans. Through constant innovation and investment, PANERGY has been a pioneer in America's finest campers and stroller fans. In addition, our products also include desktop fans, industrial fans, hanging neck fans, hand fans, car fans, etc., which are used in various scenarios. Additionally, we have an offline brick and mortar store and warehouse in Los Angeles, California, USA. Wholesale customers can also contact our offline physical store to discuss purchasing and delivery matters. Our brand experiences, exclusive products, innovative loyalty programs and unique partnerships are sure to please you. We also sell online through e-commerce sites amazon and ipanergy.com.

Our fans are designed and built to provide quality product, long-term performance and quiet cooling comfort to meet the needs of our customers in hot and humid climates around the world.

PANERGY's products have always insisted on using environmentally friendly materials as materials for product manufacturing, the purpose is to protect the health of customers and reduce environmental pollution.

sustainable development

We are advocates and practitioners of rational and sustainable production processes to avoid unnecessary pollution.

We will not pursue policies that encourage suppliers to force faster production, and we are working to provide a better working environment for our factory workers.

We believe that to find the most suitable and comfortable fan, the first step is to have more choices, so our fans have a variety of choices to meet your different usage scenarios. We want to keep being more inclusive.

Your comfort is our ultimate goal. We strictly select the highest quality raw materials. Most of our raw materials are made from natural sustainable eco-friendly materials, one of the most eco-friendly natural materials.

Our New Year's resolution for 2022 is to use at least 10% of our products only from sustainable eco-friendly materials, and to start demonstrating to our customers that ordering can reduce production waste.

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our team


 Whether you need a ceiling fan, a single exhaust or a complete exhaust system, Adrian is passionate about finding you the right product. He has been with the ipanergy Fans team for six years now and has over 25 years of experience in across retail and wholesale sales and service.


Kate has worked in the industry for over five years. She has extensive knowledge of lighting, fans, exhaust and now handles heat recovery enquiries at ipanergy Fans. Her approach is informed by years of experience working with design professionals.


Matt joined the ipanergy Fans team in 2019 with over 20 years of experience in sales and customer service. An exceptional communicator, Matt loves solving problems for his customers and finding the best product to suit their needs.